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Co-Founder, mother and wife of this family business.


Co-Founder, father and husband of this family business.


Our son, who keeps us inspired and busy behind the scenes!

Our Simply Homemade Suppliers


Alida – Material Goods

Alida has been in the sewing industry for over 30 years and still enjoys every challenge that comes her way. Every project that she takes on always turns out to be a success and she never fails to leave people in awe of her brilliant sewing skills.


Beauty – Crocheted Items

Beauty takes great pride in her work and smiles from ear to ear when complimented on her stunning crocheted animals.

Beauty completed a crocheting course at Khaya Centre.

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Boerbroers – Organic Pecan Nuts

In 2004 two brothers, Pieter, Cor and their families started a farming business called “Boerbroers Farming”. Two years later they started planting pecan nut trees which have been grown with organic fertilizers only. Today these trees produce great quality pecan nuts without the use of any pesticides.

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Sam – G&T Bags & Jewellery

Aarifah – Gourmet Jams

Gladys – Recycled Plastic Crocheted Items

Sam is a qualified journalist and a full-time blogger who started focusing her niche on her favourite drink – Gin. Over the past year she launched a very successful line of G&T Bags. She also loves to make jewellery.

Aarifah is a mom to two beautiful girls. She has a passion for anything kitchen. Through her love for experimenting with flavour combinations and fruits she came up with gourmet jam in the most unique flavours. Her delicious jams can be enjoyed as cake, waffle or pancake toppings or simply on toast.

Gladys is a single mom who supports her two daughters as well as her young niece who she adopted. Gladys has the most incredible bubbly personality. She decided to “kill two birds with one stone” and started to crochet items out of plastic bags. This way she helps to save our planet whilst supporting her family. Gladys’s dream is to put her girls through school and keeping the environment clean.


Michele – Laser Cut Items

Michele saved her money and bought a laser engraving machine. She didn’t comprehend it at first but after 4 years of hard work and learning, she’s come to realise that this machine, along with her immense creativity, can produce something inspirational, something functional, something special…every day.

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